Animal victims come to our rehabilitation facilities throughout the day to begin their journey of recovery. With your support, we can help animals learn to trust, find confidence and take advantage of their painful transition. While continuing to rescue and rehabilitate abandoned, burned or suffering animals..


Brown and white dog chewing bone

Handsome Rockefeller is ready to find his family! If you’re looking for a special dog to join you on adventures and can understand the difficult past situation he’s overcome—look no further than our sweet boy Rockefeller.


Dog being handled by person.



Young dog in cage

When we first met Rockefeller, he was extremely fearful, terrified of people and too afraid to walk on a leash for the first three to four weeks of his time at the BRC. But after 16 weeks of expert rehabilitation and treatment, Rockefeller has graduated from the BRC a completely different dog with a new outlook on the world!


White dog and brown and white dog

Rockefeller learned that people aren’t so scary after all! Now, he’s described as “the life of any dog party!” He has even become a helper dog, meaning his confidence around humans helps other fearful dogs learn to trust them too—which is as cute as it sounds.


Dog relaxing in pool

“As Rock began to trust us, he showed us that there is a very affectionate, friendly dog in there, who loves to throw himself in laps, enjoy lots of ear, neck and belly scratches, and cuddle with his favorite people,” says Christine Young, ASPCA Behavioral Rehabilitation Specialist.


Dog in shallow end of pool

Rockefeller is also a talented swimmer who loves relaxing by the pool and hiking on trails near water.


Brown and white dog with tongue out


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