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What If Donald Trump Wins Again Election 2020?..

What happens if he wins? So many other awful “or so” s will follow from if”what’s great “—the first thing to understand about how much-Donald Trump has “the real world” which will look like “win.”

If all the people eligible to vote is the right to vote, if they vote every legally count—then the Trump is finished. His only hope is to find a way to stop the vote, stop the count and then count on the strange mechanics of the American electoral college to save him from the popular vote.

Barton Gellman reported in the Atlantic in September that the Trump team has been working with officials of the Republican state to set aside the votes counted, instead of allowing the state legislatures elected the state’s voters. If this plan is not possible, the Trump team is referring to a series of minor finagles: arbitrarily halting the vote count, refuse to—or downright thrilling—mailed votes, and many other forms of cheating not seen in OUR politics since the end of the Civil War.

Here’s the basic math to remember on the road Trump “s victory.”.


It is a good estimate that 145 million Americans will vote in 2020, up from 133 million in 2016. The average of all major national opinion polls show that the vote is 50.3 percent for Biden, 43.5 percent for Trump; a margin of 10 million votes for Biden.


But, in the presidential elections, important votes cast by the united states, not by the people, in the Electoral College. In 2016, Trump received 2.9 million less votes than Hillary Clinton, but win 306 electoral votes to Hillary Clinton’s 232. In 2020, if Trump can limit his Electoral College loss in the state most threatened—Michigan and Arizona—it could still winning by 279 to 259. (Trump also received one electoral vote from Maine in 2016. If it loses these, also, he was able to still squeak to victory, or 278 to 260.)


For all the talk about Trump the solid “base,” it is important to remember that Trump the most popular first-term president in the history of opinion polls with only first-term president to fail to get 50 percent approval in any reputable poll. Every day at Trump presidency since the inauguration of 2017, a document the majority of the American people disapproved of his administration.

So, the answer to the question “What happens if Trump wins the” needs to be clarified a little. Before we arrive at the impact of Trump in the second term on the U.S. domestic and foreign policy, we need to think about how Trump went from here to there. In real life, “What happens if Trump wins” question really means::

What happens if Donald Trump will seek a second term despite being rejected by a majority of American voters?

A Trump” win ” will open the question: Do the votes work? If the American people can not get rid of a rejected President by casting millions of votes against him instead of vote for him-how can they get rid of him?

If Trump not only lost the popular vote, but lost all these votes in the way that seems unfair—stand count, send out mail ballots, forcing voters in minority neighborhoods to wait in huge queues, while voters in the neighborhoods wealthier wait for this short—then what? The only way for Trump to get re-elected, is to put aside the usual expectations about how democracy should work. What will happen then? The Political will to take the streets? Since the massacre of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer in the Case of 2020, the American town that was devastated by protests and disturbances on a scale not seen since the 1960s. They will be larger and more turbulent demonstrations follow in 2021?


Trump in the second term it probably will not look like the mostly quiet first three years of the Trump in the first term. Trump’s re-election heralds serious political instability for the united States. If the Democrats take the Senate in 2020 or 2022, they will have more inhibition competition, not only for Trump himself, but for Trump to ignore the cabinet appointments, such as Attorney General Bill Barr? And what will happen in a Supreme Court nomination in which a re-elected Trump will try to suppress the call of a majority of OUR voters? Will be doubt about the Trump of legitimacy spread to other parts of the U.S. political and constitutional system?

And if so, then what?

What happens if Donald Trump will try to push his agenda after a second popular vote loss?

The republicans face a difficult Senate map in 2020. The senate seats on the ballot in 2022 appeared less welcome for the Trump-led Republican Party. Therefore, there is a high probability that Trump will face not one, but two hostile chambers of Congress in a second term.

These two hostile chambers will show insufficient respect for Trump presidency, which was elected by a second minority. They will see Trump as an illegitimate president, corruption and compromised by foreign powers are playing a broken system is hopelessly biased against the American majority.

What if the Trump of the scandals and crimes catch up with him in a second term?

In July 2020, the united STATES Supreme Court granted Trump a gift of time. Congress and the state of New York prosecutors subpoenaed the Trump of bankers and accountants for financial records. Precedent dating back to the 1880s clearly favored the Congress. But, the court found an escape hatch which delayed the release of the documents until after the November election.

What was already seen on Trump’s financial history was scandalous enough. The evidence of the tax fraud, insurance fraud, bank fraud, charity fraud, money laundering, contract business with foreign criminals appeared. If Congress and state prosecutors have more complete records, Trump could face civil and criminal liability on a scale more like a crime boss than the president of the united States.

Still, Trump will be president, and he will have the means to protect it: especially the power to forgive. Trump can encourage and reward silence against him by the witnesses. It was commuted to sentence Roger Stone for his involvement with Julian Assange and WikiLeaks during the 2016 campaign. He was able to forgive Paul Manafort, Steve Bannon, Ghislaine Maxwell and other Trump associates who have been charged or convicted for crimes that could incriminate Trump. She can forgive him for children. It can test the limits of the law and try to forgive himself.

A second Trump era will see the never-ending battle about the power of a president to pardon himself from criminal charges. Gotham will be the city, and the bad guys will be in charge.

In the long run, it’s conservative American who can win the most if Trump lost. To discredit Trump offers the only way back to democratic vitality. The republicans will not fix themselves on their own-we have seen that over the past three-plus years. Too much bet too much on his back unless a painful defeat forced them to return. If the Trump holding power after the November 2020, it will be to keep his grip on his party and to perpetuate that part of the corruption. Freed from Trump, they are able to renew themselves as a democratically competitive Part of the center-right. But, they can only be redeemed in defeat.

The “whatever” of the Trump of victory is a transformation from democratic competition to govern the most ruthless, the most cynical, the most want to tackle in any way necessary. This is a return to a very dark and dangerous future indeed. November. 3, The U.s. will be coming to a place or a decision—not only vote, but whether those who vote will be allowed to decide.

Ronald Reagan liked to call united States ” a shining city on the hill.””Matthew was borrowed from The Book of the Bible:” a city on a hill can not be hidden.”In the Bible, this verse was not a boast. It was a warning. A city located on a hill can not hide its flaws. Everyone can see it. So, is the united States. The works are important for everyone. If the systems succeed, all free people are freer and safer everywhere. If the systems failed, all free people everywhere will suffer with them.

So, what happens if Trump wins? Democratic ideas lose. The World trade System is lost. Collective security against the authoritarian threat from Russia and China—this too is lost from. Anyone who wants to laugh, point out or belittle—after the first few moments of feeling superior, you lose, too. All the world is growing or pausing depending on whether the united STATES is growing or pausing. If Trump wins, this experiment will fail-perhaps not for all time, because nothing is forever, but a dangerously long time…

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