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Live stream update: Biden talks about the epidemic at an address before Thanksgiving Day…

President-elect Joseph R., whose team is finally free in coordinated transition planning Biden Jr. he is running to fill the void led by President Trump’s pandemic response, which has largely ignored the escalation of the crisis of 2,000 deaths a day and has made few public speeches since the election.

On Wednesday afternoon, Mr. Biden — who has seen the immediate role of the mask to break resistance-unleashed an already grim wave of contagion — released his direct-to-camera address from Wilmington, Del.

“When you look at our history, you see that the spirit of our country was there in the most difficult circumstances in which it was beaten,” Biden said. “And now we find ourselves facing a long and hard winter again.”

“We are at war with the virus, not with each other, not with each other,” he added.

The speech was designed as a presidential-style Thanksgiving address that would bring the American people together for the challenges ahead, combining hope and harsh reality, and focusing on “the shared sacrifice Americans have made this holiday season.”

“I know how hard it is to give up on family tradition,” Mr. Biden said after describing how he and family members held separate Thanksgiving celebrations. “But this is very important.”

Mr. Biden’s approach was in stark contrast to that of Mr. Trump, who downplayed the coronavirus during his presidency, over the past few weeks he has focused on Turkey, golf and evangelism.

On Wednesday morning, Mr. Trump appeared at Rudolph W. Bush, a Republican event in Gettysburg, PA., that focused on election irregularities. He clashed when he discussed plans to accompany Giuliani.

It was not immediately clear why Mr. Trump’s cancelled, but a change in the program, a senior White House official who are in close contact with Mr. Giuliani, was announced soon after the news broke that Boris Epshteyn tested positive for the virus.

Mr Trump was not expected to announce a Coronavirus match on Wednesday. Instead, he plans to release a large proclamation to celebrate the holiday. The president attended the traditional turkey forgiveness event held at the White House on Tuesday.

Mr. Biden’s team, which has pressed Mr. Trump to begin the transition, to highlight the national security dangers of depriving him of access to intelligence reports.

However, people close to the president-elect said it was partly a political strategy to push Republican hawks out the door on Mr. Trump. Mr. Biden and his team, especially incoming chief of staff Ron Klain, have more to worry about on the issue.take a look inside the administration, which plans to roll out the vaccine in the coming weeks and months.

Donald M., A former Medicare and Medicaid chief in the Obama administration who was close to Biden’s team “It’s covid 24/7 now,” Berwick said. “This needs to be overcome.”…

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