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How Donald Trump wins….

A single point of data integrated in the new cnn poll that would be the key to someone as popular as President Donald Trump won a second term in November.


And this: 55% of Americans approved of the job Trump is doing on the economy, while 40% agree. That + 15 space this is the best performance on a series of questions about how Trump is handling various aspects of the country. In fact, it is one of the two measures that more Americans approve than disapprove of his job to do. (Trump has a + 3 margin on combating terrorism.)

With his+ 15 on the economy far exceed his overall job approval rating – 43% approve, 53% disapprove – (on health care and immigration, where Trump’s worst the show is -15 and -14, respectively).

It doesn’t take a political scholar to see Trump in the way for a second term: economy, economy, economy. The history of modern presidential elections show that the economy has always been central to how voters make their decisions, and that people tend to want to stay the course when they feel things are going well (in their personal economy and in the country).

Up to this point: 55% of those in the CNN poll said things were going “very” or “nicely” in the country, compared with 43% who said things were going “very” or “something” wrong.
The Trump argument here is clear: you can not love me as a person. You may not like my politics in many of these things. But, you will do fine. Stock market all time high level. Then, why should we consider switching horses in midstream?,


Will Trump do it? Probably not. It lacks message discipline to stay even on a message for a few days. But, if he triumphs again from the jaws of defeat in November, it is the economic confirmation number that explains it.

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