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Donald Trump is behind the Republican majority for 2024…

As the 2020 election will continue to be sued, some outlets are looking at 2024. While Democrats and some in the GOP establishment expects Trump to defeat the will return the GOP to “normal,” don’t count on it. If the 2024 Republican primaries that was held today, 53% of Republicans would vote for Donald Trump, according to the Policy-Morning Consult poll. Another 12% would vote for Vice-President Mike Pence..

That’s more than plurality and that Trump won in the primary in 2016. This should send the message that it would be foolish to ignore the party leadership, but Donald Trump would run in 2024 assumed that these numbers would not be moved or interested candidates to try to raise their profile significantly.

It clearly does not have the 65 percent approval among the GOP for the agenda of this administration is pursuing. Vice President the Last was a staunch supporter of the President in the agenda, and that is clear from the 2020 stump speech and his campaign to keep the Majority of the Senate. Voters should expect him to carry out a similar agenda in a different package, more like a panther in the china shop rather than the bull.

Say” America first ” or whatever you want. President Trump made the commitment during the election of 2016 and has had a staggering number of successes that have benefited working families and the economy. Well-being and security for the American who was at the top of his agenda. This has resulted in things such as record low unemployment, rising wages and the threat of terrorist attacks disappearing from Americans ‘ concerns.

Even after the pandemic began, 56% of Americans said they were better off than they were four years ago, Gallup found. This was significantly higher than scores in the other place, including Ronald Reagan, before his landslide in 1984. The enthusiasm in the middle of Trump’s raving were also demonstrated by his ability to draw crowds and the media in their efforts to repel the vote. Alienating the president, his allies and even the kids would alienate members of the coalition, it was formed.

The New York Times to speculate about Trump’s ability to maintain power in the Republican Party in the post-election defeat. Current RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel is seen as the Trump of the leads to keep close control of the debate, according to Maggie Haberman’s sources. Haberman argues that President Trump will not have the infrastructure after this, he left the office. Apparently, he forgot he did not have one when it won first place.

Anyone who thinks President Trump will not influence the direction of the Republican Party in the future is just crazy. As for the infrastructure, whether it’s the PAC, the media company or just being Trump of Talking and Roar, Trump will undoubtedly continue to swing. And it would be more solid and more bombastic against Republicans who are trying to move away from the centralizing policies aimed at American citizens first. His coalition will follow.

Like many people, I have the Trump skeptic in 2016 and they did not vote for the major party candidates. I was sure that he would be as liberal as Hillary Clinton. At the beginning of his administration, the speech bothered me. As the administration progressed, it started to become less important. If you can save tweets from success, Trump in the presidency is something very special. Progresses in the Middle East, a region that has been burned all my life, is staggering by itself.
Trump’s economic miracle, its focus on border security, law and order, and his unwavering love of this country was to earn the historic levels of minority support. His election began to loot the core Democratic constituencies of the working-class population of the union and the row. Republican who divorce themselves from these obvious success would be political suicide. As political consultant Brad Todd noted that after the election:

“The democrats have always said, “if more people voted, we would have won,” said GOP strategist Brad Todd of the great rebellion: inside the populists coalition that is reshaping American politics. “Well, what is it? All the people voted, and it did not help the Democrats. There is a mixed race, working-class ethos who wanted to scour the new Republican coalition.”

The GOP is on the verge of being the big tent. The opportunity to expand the hue will only grow over the next four years are about breaking rules, $5.00/gallon gasoline and a continuous gutter from Central America. Ronna McDaniel saw the opportunity in 2016 and convinced Donald Trump he was able to win Michigan. He has the vision and understand how to shutdown this coalition better than anyone else.

If there is a segment of the GOP that wants to continue the corporatist approach that tolerates Wall Street, which had distanced itself from the party since the Clinton voters, in which the segment should be changed to part files. This is not your father’s Republican Party, and if it does not keep the building of the new coalition, it will not survive..

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