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Trump’s top 10 achievements ….

  1. President Trump’s effectiveness is the doctrine of economic nationalism and may be extended. Challenged global critics of Wall Street, universities and media companies, rose America’s employment in 2019. The latest jobs report gave several record extended their winning streak in wage growth in 16 months, one after another, higher than the 3% pace seen only for three months during Obama’s stagnant in the year. In addition, wages are the fastest flowing to groups that are now seriously lagging behind in slow recovery growth after the Great Depression. For example, down 10 percent of earners can be seen a staggering growth of 7 percent compared to last year. Similarly, those without a high school diploma are welcomed by 9% the escalation of costs in 2019.
    The expanding movement-2019 represents a seminal failure Year for America’s first movement as the Republican Party morphed into a part work. This new focus has now become the key signs of ethnic, racial and geographical diversity for the GOP. A recent poll, CNN, in deep blue California, for example, reported 32% support the minority for Joe Biden, now the front runner of the Democratic against Trump. Similarly, recent surveys by Mount and Emerson show Latin approval from the president by about 40%. It is difficult to overstate the importance of this minority to support them, both for political and, above all, to the cohesion of the society we.
    Deal with China-although the stresses near the duration in the trade tension will happen, Trump to the world in 2019 proved that the tariff can effectively be deployed to the Communist Party of China’s bargaining position puts. America’s rising economy has shown that trade policy can actually coincide with growth.
    The contract of trade with the allies-unlike most talk, trade, play chess, Beijing, Trump has proven that America not only means America for the first time. The USMCA was finally adopted by the House of Representatives this year with a brand new era of prosperity with our neighbors, such as the global supply chain to move back to America from the Far East. Similarly, it is a tool that has signed agreements with Japan and the new US-Korean Trade Treaty came into force in early 2019.
    While the judges-Nancy Pelosi dithers and the corporate media that is obsessed with fake reviews, the impeachment of the president, slander, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch Mitchell are quietly collecting historical pace of judicial confirmation. Trump in 2019, 50.it ensures a judge of the federal appeals court in only three years, compared with only 55 in eight years for President Obama. In the long run, to turn the federal judiciary into an original, constitutional branch of government has been able to establish the most stable Trump heritage.
    – Our country still needs to reform a largely pointless law, asylum, and certainly provide more border walls of the financing but still, the President Trump was to find an effective solution to the closure of the border control that you want to apply to more people seeking asylum from Mexico instead of crossing our sovereign border. Not surprisingly, less than 1% of economic immigrants who apply actually qualify as refugees, according to the NPR. Therefore, Trump’s 2019 move was a deterrent and prevented us from a complete crisis at our borders.
    While the acquittal of Mueller-arguably not an active success-confirmed the long-awaited report of Mueller President on two key issues. First, there is no one in 2016 Trump campaign actively cooperates with Russia or any other foreign power. In the second step, the heads of Democrats like Adam Schiff representative, along with the media complicit, they repeatedly bring people with lies to prove, in the case of “evidence” of collusion for years to feed them.
    Al-Baghdadi murder in the October Special Forces attack that the removal of the terrorist Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi to prove that America can be aggressive to hunt down terrorism and drop the enemy without a nation-building and, together with the large-scale soldiers commitment. Some of the brave fighters we, along with the formidable dog, they have emphasized that surgical strike can protect our country without blood and treasure the cost of using the Trump of predecessors.
    Gas exports rose-early in Trump’s US presidential election turned into a net natural gas exporter for the first time since the Eisenhower government. In 2019, this trend has greatly expanded, which has a growth rate of 60% of liquefied natural gas exports throughout the year. To establish America as an energy superpower is promoting domestic, especially in the heartland energy regions and to facilitate affordable energy to power in the Prevention of the construction of the Renaissance is that the production of 500,000 new manufacturing jobs under Trump. Moreover, the dominance of American energy benefits from the geopolitical security of the whole world.
    Space force – the launch of the sixth military branch 2019-was pure Trump: creative, bold, forward and anticipated by Deployment critics. In keeping with its alien landscape Trump to correctly identify the potential of space as a battlefield, and America’s need to dominate there. As satellites are increasingly driving behavior in our daily lives, the United States Space Force, is the protection of the security and the economy in the future, creating a lasting legacy for the Orthodox President…
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