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5 Reasons Why Trump won?….


I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I told you last summer that Donald Trump will be the Republican presidential candidate. And now I’m even more terrible, depressing news for you: Donald J. Trump will win in November. This miserable, ignorant, dangerous a part-time clown and full-time sociopath we will be the next president. President Trump. Go ahead and say the words, because for the next four years you will say: “President Trump.”

I never wanted to prove me wrong in my life any more than I already have.

Now, I understand what you are doing. you will shake your head – ” no, Mike, that will not happen!”Unfortunately, you are in a bubble that comes with a echo chamber, nearby, where you and your friends are convinced that the American people, an idiot for president, not choose life. You, being in his creepy and funny in it changed because of a comment you crazy or a position of embarrassing narcissism on everything, because everything on it. And then, you listen to Hillary and you will see our first female president, someone the world respects someone who is whip smart and care about the children who continue Obama’s legacy, because this is something that the American people clearly want! The answer is yes! Four more years!

You need to get out of that bubble now. You have to avoid living in denial and the truth that you know in a very deep sea. I try to calm myself down with the fact – ” 77% of voters are women, people of color, youth below 35, and with the Trump can find a lot of them will not!”- Or logic – ” people will not vote for a clown or against their interests!”- This is a way for your brain to try to protect you from shock. For example, when you hear the noise of the street and you’re like, “Oh, exploded tires, etc.”or” Wow, who plays with fire play? “Because you do not want them to think that you have heard a person who was shot with a gun. This is the first time that all the early news and the witnesses on 9/11 was reported that ” a small plane accidentally flew to the World Trade Center.”We want to hope for the best – we need it – because, to be honest, life is now a show is hard enough to go from paycheck to paycheck. We can handle some bad news, so our mental state to go by default when something terrible actually happens. The first people to drive down to better on your truck, spend the final moments of rose for a driver who they thought had lost control of his truck trying to tell him that he jumped the sidewalk: “be careful!”They called loudly. “There are people on the sidewalk!”

Guys, this is not an accident. It happens. But, if you believe Hillary Clinton will beat Trump and reality, acumen and logic, you missed the 56 primaries and in the Caucasus, where the 16 Republican candidates have tried it, and tried every kitchen sink they can throw slander and nothing can stop the juggernaut. From today, as it is now, I believe that this will happen and deal with it, you first have to accept it, and then, maybe, just maybe, we can find a way out of the mess we’re in.

Don’t get me wrong. I have high hopes for the country I live in. It’s all getting better. The left has won the cultural war. Gays and gays can marry. The majority of Americans now take a liberal position on every survey question is raised to them: pay equal for women in the online check. Abortion should be legal-check it out. Most of the environment laws-comment. More gun control-review. Legalization of marijuana-check it out. A major change took place-just ask the Socialists, who won 22 countries this year. And without a doubt in my head that if people can vote on the Xbox or PlayStation from the couch in your home, Hillary would win in a landslide.

But, this is how it works in America. The people must leave the house and queue for a vote. But, if they live in the poor, black or hispanic neighborhood, they just don’t have a longer line to wait for, everything is literally done to stop them from voting. Therefore, in most elections, it is even 50% is difficult for them to vote. And here the issue for the month of November lies- – – which shows the most motivated, the most inspired voters to vote? You know the answer to this question. Who is the candidate and rabid supporters? His frantic fans and kick your ass all day at 5 p. m. in the Day of the Election to make sure that every Tom, Dick and Harry (and Bob and Joe and Billy Bob, Billy Joe and Billy Bob and Joe) to cast their votes until the last polls close? This is accurate. This is a high level of risk our. And don’t kid yourself-a compelling amount of Hillary television advertisements, or in discussions, or liberalists who vote for Trump, they will stop it mojo.

Here are 5 Reasons Why Trump won:

Welcome to Midwest math or Brexit belt Bell. I believe that Trump a lot of your attention on the four states of the wheat belt alarm from the Great Lakes of the sky will be the focus-Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Four traditionally Democratic state-but every Republican governor has to choose from in 2010(only Pennsylvania finally had to choose a Democrat). At the beginning of Michigan in March, more Michiganders voted for the Republicans (1.32 million) to vote for the Democrats (1.19 million). Trump is ahead of Hillary in the latest polls in Pennsylvania and tied with it in Ohio. Connect? How can the race get so close after all the things Trump has said and done? Perhaps this is because Clinton (rightly) said that the support of NAFTA helped to destroy the industrialized countries are in the Midwest. Trump in Clinton will be drawn on the issue and his support for the TPP and other trade regulations that royally ruin the people from these four countries. When Trump was in the shadow of a Ford Motor plant during the Michigan primary, his company has threatened that it would apply a 35-percent tariff if it actually goes ahead with the closure, scheduled from the plant and moved to Mexico.Mexican car made in the united States bring. It’s sweet music to the ears of Michigan, working class and heart swooned as he launched threat for Apple, where he will have to stop making iPhones in China and built in America, and with the Trump walk away with a great victory that should be of the Zionist regime. John Kasich next door.

From Green Bay to Pittsburgh, this, my friends, the Middle Kingdom is-broken, depressed, try, the stack is filled with the carcasses of what we, the middle class in the suburbs of the response. Mad work (and not work), people that lie and Reagan drop and you still will be abandoned by Democrats of trying to talk a good line, but they really can not wait to rub it in with a single group. What happens in the UK and Brexit will happen here. Elmer Gantry seems that Boris Johnson, and tell all what he can do to convince the masses that this is your chance! To be true to all, to anyone who is lost in the American dream! And now the stranger, Donald Trump, who had come to clean the House! You don’t have to agree with him! You don’t even have to like him! Your personal Molotov cocktail thrown in the middle of the bastard who did this to you! Send him a message! Trump you are the Messenger!

And that’s where the math comes in. In 2012, Mitt Romney has lost 64 electoral votes. Join the electoral votes start to Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Already 64. All Trump needs to do to win, as it is expected for them to do is to move the traditional red from united states, Idaho Georgia (the united States that will never vote for Hilary Clinton) and then he needs to give it four Rust Belt states. It does not need Florida. It doesn’t need Colorado or Virginia. Only Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. After this, he put it on his head. This will be the case in November.

The last stop angry white men. Our men dominate, 240-year American run is coming to an end. A woman is about to take on! How did this happen?! It is under our custody! And certainly we all have to Warners in Nixon, a gender traitor, as the ninth to impose on us, laws that say that girls in school have equal chance to play sports. Then, they let them fly commercial planes. Before I knew it, Beyonce this year’s Super Bowl (our game!) And the army of black women, it raised our points and announced at the end of we rule! Oh, the humanity!

This is a little glimpse into the mind of an endangered white male. There is a sense that may come out of hand, how things are done now is how things are done. This monster “Feminazi” Trump said,” bleeding from the eyes, or bleeding is” the conquest of us — and now need to put up with eight years of a black man tell us what to do next, you just have to sit back and we have a woman who’s the boss for eight years, we should I get? From now on, will be eight years of gay people in the White House! Then, transsexuals! You can see where this is going. At this time, the animals will be given the right people, and a damn hamster will rule the country. We have to stop!..

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